Aliyah’s Podcast Discussion with Judith Oakland!

 aliyahJuly 1, 2015
A New Paradigm
Care giving Circlesa discussion with
Aliyah Alexander and Judith Oakland, MA, LPC
What Piece of this Model Can You Bring to YOUR circles?Aliyah Alexander has been dealing witht the devastating effects of Multiple Sclerosis for 10 years. She can no longer even lift her finger to control her computer. Despite her extreme limitations, she has created a powerful concept in caregiving.Aliyah was a psychotherapist with a successful practice prior to her diagnosis. She chronicled her journey in dealing witht her losses in bodily function in her blog and book “Meet Me by the River,” which she published this year.

She talks about her care circles in there and I met 3 of the women who care for her on my trip to Crestone to visit this week. She described to me the way she has organized the team and I knew it would be something that I should share with you.

Whether you are in a group home, nursing home, private residence, listen to Aliyah and Judith Oakland (her therapist) describe how they go about this process. You will be able to take something away for your situation. Both Judith and Aliyah are available to talk with you if you are interested in the concept. Contact them through Aliyah.

It is truly a new paradigm to honor the whole being of the caregiver who is part of intensely caring for someone chronically ill with a life threatening illness. We are taught to leave our troubles by the door and our personal thoughts. While this is standard professional practice, there may be situations or there may be pieces of Aliyah’s process that we can bring to our own circles.