Comments From Readers: Sandi Somlo

A serious insight into a life never imagined!


Comments From Readers: Anna Filameno

Aliyah Alexander is a teacher. I think she has found the secret of life because the secret of life is to live in every moment—to fully understand what your life on this planet is all about. Yes, this book is an inspiration, however, it more than that—-it’s an exploration into the very depth of what it means to surrender to your own experience.

Anna Filameno, writer/actor New York City

Comments From Readers: Diana Rosenschein

I read Aliyah’s book in one sitting and actually felt as if I could breathe more deeply when I had finished. The book — and the author — are inspirational. Aliyah is totally present in her life and in meeting her challenges head on. She bravely presents us with her failings and her missteps, and shows us how she was able to overcome those shortcomings and come out stronger and more focused. The book gave me a feeling of expanse, breadth and depth, and comforted me all at once. I felt as if I could throw my arms out and breathe in her Colorado mountains.

Editorial Comments: Teri Daniel

“As a hospice chaplain and grief counselor, I have heard countless stories… many involve sorrow and loss… but never have I been so impressed as when I met Aliyah… She knows how to listen to her heart… and has turned tragedy into joy… She wrote much of this book while being able to move only her wrist!”
Rev. Terri Daniel: Author, Educator, End-of-Life Advisor, Interfaith Chaplaincy.