Meet Me By The River: A Woman’s Healing Journey: Ilene Aliyah Alexander

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Meet Me By The River offers Hope in the Darkest hour

Aliyah Alexander shares how one can take even the worst circumstances imaginable and turn them into opportunities for spiritual growth and empowerment…. how to turn Tragedy Into Transcendence!

Aliyah, a highly adventurous outdoors woman deeply tied to nature, received her diagnosis of MS about ten years before this book was created. Meet Me By The River chronicles Aliyah’s life, her joys and struggles… read how what began as a battle with illness transformed into opportunities for incredible introspection and spiritual growth… her triumph!…

Certainly a book to be read by anyone facing life’s challenges!

In Aliyah’s words… “At my darkest moment I began these writings… Sharing them with you is part of my Journey.

I Hope My Journey Helps You In Yours…

“As a hospice chaplain, I have heard countless stories… but never have I been so impressed as when I met Aliyah… She knows how to listen to her heart… and has turned tragedy into joy…”
Rev. Terri Daniel

“Meet Me By The River is truly one of the most inspiring and beautiful projects I have ever been involved with… the story of a true life Hero… and a woman who has lived a fascinating life!” – Christopher Kaufman, editor and director of Three Dashes Publications